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See the Nixon? See it? Tip: it helps to be groggy.

I nearly switched to khakis after this.

What a stroke LBJ was.

The camera was in the bag, so LBJ's profile got a little scrunched. Tough darts, LBJ bag head.

Profiles in doofage

I woke up one morning to the shadowy profile of Richard Milhous Nixon.

It was only my folded jeans.


A few weeks later I awoke at a friend's to spy a shady Lyndon Baines Johnson in his cowboy hat.

It was only Wagner's bag.

So help me, if I see Clinton's profile in a stack of books I will give up reading altogether.

11feb02 -- It's happening again.

Summer, 2004 — And again.

Winter, 2006 — And yet...again.

Spring, 2007 — Clinton appears . . . but not in a stack of books. (I will never give up reading.)

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