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What is your major source of vitamins?
If you signed your own year book what would you write?
    2 cool
+  2 b
    4 gotten
What is your favorite fashion accessory?
If you could change one part of your body what would it be? Why?
my face. i'd rather be really ugly or really good-looking. sucks to be average.
If you were going to donate your organs which one would you most like someone else to have? Why?
i wouldn't like to be harvested.
What CD or tape have you listened to more than 4 times in the last 3 days?
the art of virgil fox
What is your favorite religion?
mormonism. that shit's wacky.
What is your favorite color?
honestly, really don't have one
What is your favorite unorthodox procedure?
eating cereal with water instead of milk
When was your last epiphany?
Who would be your dream date for the Apocalypse?
joachim of fiore. or maybe john the revelator, just to see if he would try & say, "told you so"
Why do you do the things you do?
to keep from doing other things
When I swallow my ears make a wierd crackling sound inside...any suggestions for that?
um . . . stop swallowing?

Marginally less personal questions...