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Snopes Deuce

From: StarChaser Tyger
Subject: Web deuce sighting
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001

Not sure if you're interested in website sightings,

no question about it.

but I found one anyway...In the Snopes Urban Legend pages, a description of someone killing himself with a 'pipe bomb' made of playing cards and water, and has a graphic of the ace of hearts, our Favorite Card, and the three of diamonds.

as pee-wee would say, "i LUV that story." deuce of clubs as deadly weapon ... yum.

snopes is also yummy. i don't know how many times a year i refer to snopes someone who has sent me a bogus virus warning, stupid urban legend, or other such...

(Note also another Deuce of Clubs / Ace of Hearts pairing.)



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