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"Portrait of Deuce of Clubs / Homage to Whip It!"
by Jean (2001)

Medium: Enamel on refrigerator box cardboard

Adds Jean:

"Oh wait, this is important. Look, a deuce of clubs! Here's what happened! I saw some passing out information people playing cards! I asked them if I could take their picture while holding up the card. I took their picture, thanked them and walked away! Isn't that something! (I hope you are not also looking for plant monograms on slightly sloping ground. If so, I blew it. Did not notice the letters until I got pictures back.)"

Jean dropped her god-daughter off at college, along with a brand new dorm fridge. Along with a vandalized Mountain Monogram, Jean spotted someone else's dorm fridge box, of exactly the same brand and model.

Note from Jean on back of photo:

"Some guy moving in. Hey I just noticed he has the same style refrigerator we bought Karen! I can't believe it! This is too weird. It is the exact same style. Isn't that amazing. I just remembered I still have the refrigerator box in my garage! I'm enclosing part of the box so you can see [for] yourself this amazing unbelievable coincidence! You know ... I think this is a pretty thrilling discovery but am thinking now maybe another person wouldn't. Just in case you don't think this is exciting but annoying getting a piece of a refrigerator box in the mail, I turned it into a painting also on the other side. But as you can see, it is the same style refrigerator!!!"



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