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You're watching a movie. Suddenly you spot a Deuce of Clubs playing card. What do you do?

Right! You note the name of the movie, the approximate spot in the movie of the Deuce appearance (for example, "1 hour, fifteen minutes from the beginning"), and any special information or circumstances. Then you send it to us. It's like bringing enough for the whole class. It just makes sense.

Now, suppose you're cruising the web and you find a product or some other item that somehow relates to Deuce of Clubs -- what then? See previous paragraph & extrapolate.

Or maybe you even own something, or can obtain/purloin/borrow/sneak something, something special and Deuce-related. What do you do?

That's-a right. You guess it quick, boss.

If you've got Deuce of Clubs items or tips, don't be shy.

The continuing fabulous motion picture & television career of The D.o.C.

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