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Lori Petty A Valkyrie Burning Man Frank Black Pere Ubu Alfalfa Switzer Bad Pennies Kim Deal Wrong Number Cardhouse Operatives Space Ghost Angelyne Horned Friend Girl Trouble Psychotic Episodes Elvis del Monte Olympia Santa Bond Diane Dan Quayle Farrah's Head Granny! Mel Blanc Wanda Jackson Cadillac Angels El Vez Hasil Adkins The Maestro, King of All Cowboy Artists Joe Coleman Jamie Lee Curtis Arthur Lyman Shane Dorian Getting Into Liberty Adrian Roberts (Blue Period) Wallace (of Wallace and Ladmo) C & S from SD Alice Cooper Robert Morse Robert Loggia John O'Hurley Kevin Sorbo Ray Parker, Jr. Darth Vader Mickey Jones Seymour Cassel Dean Stockwell Tim Meadows (Ladies' Man) Ben Stein Gene Simmons Harry Knowles Tina Yothers Loveline (Adam Carolla / Dr. Drew) Daniel Johnston David Cross J. Fife Symington III Ted Nugent Gottfried Wagner Laura Molina Little Elvis Michael Moore Sarah Jane Jose Canseco Richard Simmons Mojave Phone Booth screening Harrod Blank Mark Hosler Evolution Control Committee Kathryn Calder Gram Rabbit

To Deuce of Clubs