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Did Genesis Man Conquer Space?

Emil Gaverluk and Jack Hamm (1974)


From the back cover:

A Startling Look at the Past

Did "Genesis Man"—the patriarchs of the Bible, Adam to Methusaleh [sic]—develop a highly advanced technology: space capability, laser beams, exotic energy sources? Was the earth once circled with a "crystal canopy"—rings of frozen ice like those of Saturn? Did "Space Beings" once mingle with earth's population? Was the Great Pyramid an interstellar communication device? Is the Bible to be taken as literally true—with startling results?

Dr. Emil Gaverluk, Ph.D., professional science lecturer and member of a number of scientific associations, backs his intriguing speculations with a number of sources from ancient records and the Bible.

Is his thesis tenable?

What Others Say about the Author and this Book

"Perhaps one of the best informed of the evangelical commentators on today's knowledge explosion is Dr. Emil Gaverluk" — MOODY MONTHLY

"In an Age that questions the established values and concepts of the humanoid . . . you have provided answers that `boggle' the mind! DID GENESIS MAN CONQUER SPACE? will restructure the concerned individual's world in a mind-stretching experience of unlimited dimensions" —HEARTSILL WILSON, ScD., Denver, Colorado

"The book is an excellent scientific commentary on the Bible; a commentary that does not presume to resolve all of the so-called conflicts between science and the Bible, but does give so much valuable information and analysis that most readers should be able to resolve any conflicts within their own minds for themselves" —ROBERT G. DUNN, Ph.D., Deputy Laboratory Director (Fluid Dynamics Facilities Research Laboratory), Aerospace Research Laboratories, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

From the amazing text:

Enoch was taken up into space. He was the first recorded astronaut. He is alive somewhere in the vast universe, or outside of it. (15)

I believe the following:
So developed had their scientific knowledge become that they had penetrated the curtain of space and egotistically felt that their breakthroughs would lead them to awesome power on Planet Earth and in the solar system.
They had learned to harness gravitational waves, electromagnetic energy, nuclear fusion, matter-antimatter collisions, understanding chemical properties and reactions, even to the point of developing celestial mechanics. (17)

One of them, we are told lived his life for 365 years in such a state of self-discipline, cosmic consciousness relating to the whole universe, understanding his own being against the background of the space-matter-time continuum, THAT HE WAS ALLOWED TO BREAK THROUGH INTO AN EVERLASTING EXISTENCE WITHOUT DYING. (Enoch.) This is utterly astonishing, but it was done in that ancient age.
Obviously Enoch had communication with Beings in space and beyond it. He understood the nature of the purpose those Beings had in his own life. He governed himself accordingly and set out to achieve that purpose. (19)

The First Scientist's Amazing Computer Brain
The function of our brains today is to think and to make decisions based on how we think and what we think. How do we think? Words are the prime code. We think, reason, communicate, respond with others of our "nationality." Notice I did not say "kind." "Others of our kind" would mean that we could "talk words" to every living being of the human race. Not so. We talk in family languages. This is a further limitation placed upon us. We can talk only within the family or national groups whose language we have learned. Knowledge is shared by the use of words, and language barriers have to be crossed by translations. This was not the case during Adam's very long life and on through beyond Noah's day. All human life spoke one language. The word language was a perfect one, having been given them by the perfect man, Adam, a WORD SCIENTIST. (23-4)

What else could Adam's brain do that ours cannot do today? For one thing his computer brain would be able to think in terms of "pictures" as well as words. He did not have a degenerated brain functioning at a five percent level. He could project three-dimensional images on his brain. (25)

Was Adam different from us? Was Eve? . . .
I believe that their bodies were covered with a holy glow, a power of radiant beauty recognizable to all creatures. (27)

Certainly they had breakthroughs as they began to harness the laws of nature. They had more to begin with. They had a longer time than we have. They lived on an exceedingly rich planet endowed with awesome beauty and prolific life. They had a knowledge of chemistry and understood the properties of matter. Some perhaps were killed as they playfully brought together the right combination of uranium. They knew the structure of matter, IF NOT DIRECTLY FROM ADAM, THEN FROM SPACE. Not from physical space aliens as we would think of them; instead, I believe, these aliens had the ability either to assume bodies of men, inhabit them, or actually be able to impregnate females of the human species. (29)

Let's not underestimate Adam and make him to be a simpleton. This would lead us in the false direction of assuming that all of his children were simpletons and savages. Neanderthal man today would be a triple A student at Harvard. (30)

There are several traditions amongst the actual recorded clay tablets of the Sumerians and the Babylonians that speak of the beginning of civilization, arts, crafts, laws, and knowledge. Mathematics came early. Libraries were known. (31)

Their source of knowledge was from space, and all the archaeological artifacts that have been discovered relative to the Ancients relate this. (31)

Suppose Adam and Eve had not been disobedient to the laws of the universe but had resisted the temptation to partake of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What would Planet Earth be like right now? If every person had been obedient down through the ages since Adam, what would the world be like right now?
We would have to imagine that it would be without the "curse" on it, that it, too, would be perfect. Animals and plants would be perfect. There would be no death anywhere in the world. As you can see, one would immediately think that then our earth would be filled with wall-to-wall people, wall-to-wall animals, and wall-to-wall plants. But would it have been that way? After all, what are all those planets up there for? Couldn't they be used to take the surplus population of men, animals, and plants that would be generated on earth? Perhaps he saw the planets as other worlds with which to work and develop his future domain. Huge Jupiter could be broken up into several hundred new earths and put into orbits in the life zone of the sun, and perhaps this is what we would have been busy doing now if sin had not come to earth and affected every man. (35)

No animal knew that he was going to be attacked and killed by any other animal. Each had his own domain, and it was respected by all the others. When death claimed him in the world following man's disastrous fall, there were those to dispose of the body and keep that world lovely, fresh, and clean. (38)

Dinosaurs were no exception; they had defense mechanisms, too. . . . They must have presented an awesome sight to thrill the eyes of the people that day. (40-1)

We do not suggest that dinosaurs had some strange embodied tanks filled with lethal fuel to propel them out of danger. They were big and heavy. But for a defense mechanism, possibly. It was more likely that, consuming as much plant food as they had to stay alive, they had to have some kind of combustion chamber for a stomach or digestive track [sic]. (41-2)

[Caption:] Ancient earth's crystal canopies produced sub-tropical climate from pole to pole. Canopy broke during Noah's flood creating present oceans. Ancient mythologies spoke of sky-bridges to the stars. (52)

[Chapter 6:] Did Space Beings Cause Ancient Science Mysteries? (55)

There was awesome technology in the past. If one assumes that men were then primitive savages, then, obviously, somebody came from the depths of space and brought this technology with them. (64)

We now connect our ultra-microminiaturized, large-scale, integrated circuits with gold wire connections. God plays a very important part as a conductor of electrical energy. (64)

Just how did Noah and his sons illuminate the many rooms of the Ark? . . . The Ark must have had some kind of lighting system. There must have been some power producing source. It could have been portable. (66)

[Caption:] Great Pyramid as a Giant Capacitor & Radio Transmitter (69)

An interesting thing is, why would anyone have a transmitter there? It would not radiate all over the world, but straight up. It would not talk to anyone on earth but to someone up in space. (70)

The pyramids, with their long base line of 63 miles, were positioned and built more precisely than we build buildings today. After all, they were electronic instruments. (70)

There was awesome technological know-how in the past. Just because we are brainwashed by modern self-centered man to think that all was savagery in the past is no excuse for us not to open our minds to other startling possibilities. (71)

Is it possible that the Great Pyramid could be Enoch's message to the human race of his personal relationship with the Perfect Space Beings? (76)

Our thesis is that man himself, with the incredibly large amount of information he had to begin with plus what the fallen angels revealed to him, actually was flying. (87)

Could it be that man, knowing how to lift 75 ton blocks of dressed stone to build amazing structures (perhaps by some anti-gravitational power, force-field levitation, or reaction motors), was exploding nuclear power high in the skies and thus triggered the destruction of the remarkable crystalline canopy over his head? (92-3)

The plant world today is but a shadow of what it once was. . . . Fantastic trees have shrunk in size. Fruits and vegetables are wormy. (93)

It could even be that Venus carried water, in the form of super cold ice, on its extremities, which was dumped upon the earth to bring about the great Deluge. (103)

The Tower of Babel, a Space Mechanism?
Was the tower of Babel an attempt on the part of early man to reach out to space? I believe so. (107)

Why didn't God pick the center of the huge Milky Way galaxy to enact his drama of salvation before the whole universe? . . . To be on a central planet would be an awesome experience as one contemplates the skies. So many stars would be overpowering to lowly man. It was bad enough on earth when men turned to the worship of the sun, the planets, and the stars. On a central planet it would be devastating to mankind. . . . One thing is certain, he would not have known that there were other galaxies in the universe. Why? Because he would not have been able to see through the brightness of the nearby suns. . . . To be part of an overwhelmingly beautiful universe would stifle any desire to break away from sin and reach for holiness and righteousness in God. So God deliberately picked a planet far removed from this great parade of glory. (112-13)

Why Did God Shorten Human Lives?
. . . Men, driven by a desire to find eternal life, would attempt space travel amongst the stars to search for a tree of life, a Garden of Eden, a fountain of youth, a perfect planet where there is no death. In so doing they would spread disease, sin, death everywhere they went. Man must be contained and quarantined. How? By shortening his life to the point where he would be unable to reach the stars.
In the antediluvian era men lived to 930 years. They were tempted to reach the stars. They were working toward that end. This was cut off by the coming of the Great Deluge in Noah's day. (125)

We need to ask some questions. Do physical beings need a physical universe? The answer is an obvious yes. They could not exist suspended in space. (127)

The conflict between two great space beings is still going on. At stake is the great physical universe AND the human race. (149)

Spiritual man will become the superman of the future. Not by science. Not by education. Not by political science. Not by business accomplishments. Not by military prowess. How? All those who are righteous in Jesus Christ through all the centuries will suddenly and dramatically be evacuated from earth at a given signal. They will be snatched up literally into space. They will not go up as they are now. All will be changed in nanoseconds. It will be unexpected. (174)

[Caption:] Coming at the Speed of Light: The New Jerusalem in Synchronous Orbit High Over the Old Jerusalem on Earth (191)

Here the lowly shall be first. Here the ugliest shall be made whole. Here the mentally retarded will be freed into the wonder and wisdom of the Almighty One and made perfect. (192)

We have surveyed time. We have looked at the prehistoric past. We have looked at the dim past. We have looked at the present. We have gazed upon a glorious future for all those who love the Lord. (192)

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