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Did the Apostle Paul Visit Britain? (n.d.)

by R. W. Morgan

The Reverend "w. euGene Scott, Ph.D." (as he prefers his name to appear).

Here's a weird one. (Ha! Like So You're Going on a Mission? isn't weird?)

Anyway, it's weird. It's a reprint of a 19th-century book purporting to prove that Paul of Tarsus was not martyred in Rome but instead went to Britain to preach the gospel. It may have to do with Anglo-Israelism, or it may tie in with the Priory of Sion theory or something like it; I don't know, because I haven't read it. But I have read the introduction by the always-fascinating Reverend Gene Scott, in which he offers his support of the author's theory, and also offers a version of the 29th chapter of the Book of the Acts of the Apostles -- which is interesting because, you see, most people would agree that the Book of the Acts of the Apostles has only 28 chapters to begin with. Could this late-appearing chapter, published in a late 18th-century travel book by a Frenchman with an unaccountably Italian name, be a forgery? "It's absurd to think that he deliberately invented the manuscript. He was a Frenchman!" Scott reasons. The manuscript even reveals the exact spot in Britain where Paul preached: Mount Lud, which Scott explains is "Broadway and Ludgate. Where do you think they got the idea to build the church?" You guessed it: he means St. Paul's Cathedral. Tidy, no?

But that's Gene Scott right to the bone, yep. I remember, as a kid, sitting with my mother watching Rev. Scott commandeer a religious TV station's pledge drive in disgust, unhappy with the lack of money coming in. Scott vowed that he would broadcast dead air until the pledges were more to his satisfaction. And he did. He just sat there, puffing on a cigar. For, I don't know, an hour or more. Just staring back, occasionally blowing smoke toward the camera. Not saying a word.

Do we not all love Gene Scott? Let the people say Amen.