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The New Dark Ages Conspiracy:
Britain's Plot to Destroy Civilization

by Carol White
You never knew Britain was trying to destroy civilization, did you? Okay, let's forget about colonialism, slavery, and general British depredation. This book is talking about another British plot to destroy civilization -- the one in Lyndon LaRouche's brain. Yes, that Lyndon LaRouche. I think he's out of prison now.

Not that he's making all of this up. (I say he because, really, this is obviously less Carol White's work than LaRouche's.) After all, H. G. Wells did say things such as, "I am looking for liberal fascisti, enlightened Nazis." And Bertrand Russell, sure, an unprincipled schlump. But conspiracy? Well ...

Then there's the truly egregious polemic against Wagner:

"Wagner set British cult life to music."
... whatever the vril that may mean. Anyway, if you find this book tucked under your windshield like a Tony Alamo pamphlet, give it half an hour's read. You may already be British.