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Everybody's Book of Epitaphs:
Being for the most part
What the Living Think of the Dead

(1885; rpt. 1995)

by W. H. Howe

Other epitaph books:

From an English churchyard:

Here lies one MORE, and no More than he:
One More and no More! how can that be?
Why one More and no More may well be here alone
But here lies one More, and that's More than one.

And from another:

More had I once, More would I have,
More is not to be had:
The first I... the next is vaine
The third is too too bad.
If I had us'd with more regard,
The More that I did give,
I might have made More use and fruit
Of More while he did live.
But time will be recal'd no more,
More since are gone in briefe
Too late repentance yeelds no More,
Save only paine and griefe.

Years and an ocean away, the same joke appears in Boot Hill graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona -- where the newspaper, which supported Wyatt Earp, is called the Tombstone Epitaph:

Here lies Lester More
Four slugs from a .44
No Les
No More