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Gorbachev! Has the Real Antichrist Come?

by Robert W. Faid

You don't really want to
buy this book, do you?

Sidelight: In a chapter on the number 666, Faid writes:

I consulted also with Dr. Roy E. Lindahl, Professor of Classical Languages at Furman University. He transliterated our candidate's name in Greek for me. Using the standard known values for the Greek letters resulted in the following:

Gormbacob equals exactly 888, or 111 x 8

What an astonishing coincidence! The name of our candidate in Greek has exactly the same theomatic value as the true Jesus Christ!

Well and good. Except why transliterate "Gorbachev" as "Gormbachev"?

(Answer: Because you need the extra 40 -- the mu -- to get to 888.)

In the final chapter -- "Is This Really True?" -- Mr. Faid writes:

The total probability of Gorbachev meeting all of the individual probabilities and hidden clues is calculated to be: 1 in 1,797,880,320,000,000,000.

This is 1 in one quintillion, seven hundred and ninety-seven quadrillion, eight hundred and eighty trillion, three hundred and twenty billion...

The odds that Gorbachev is actually the antichrist have also been calculated. This number, like the probability, is enormous. The calculations indicating the odds that Gorbachev is the actual and true antichrist are: 710,609,175,188,282,100 to 1.

This means that if you want to bet that Gorbachev is not the true antichrist, you will be betting against odds of seven hundred and ten quadrillion, six hundred and nine trillion, one hundred and seventy-five billion, one hundred and eighty-eight million, two hundred and eighty-two thousand, one hundred...

The statistics indicate overwhelmingly that Mikhail S. Gorbachev is the actual man which John saw rising from the sea -- the antichrist.

But who is Mr. Faid? According to the back cover,

Robert W. Faid, a nuclear engineer, is the author of A Scientific Approach to Christianity and Lydia. He has been responsible for the development of patented processes to protect nuclear power plants against earthquakes and flooding.

Interestingly, Mr. Faid closes his book with a note about the Chernobyl incident:

In conclusion, I want to go back to the Ukraine again, to the city of Kiev. Just a few months prior to the Chernobyl disaster, Christians in Kiev saw a bright light in the northern sky coming from the direction of the nuclear power station. As they watched, this light took on the shape of a fish -- the ancient Christian symbol. Then a brilliantly colored rainbow formed around the fish.

Then the most astonishing thing of all happened. A sentence appeared in the sky in Russian, saying, "I AM COMING SOON."

Convinced now, aren't you?

(Update, 10may2010: If you're still not convinced, Gorbachev/Gormbachev is alive and well and photo bombing innocent damsels.)