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The Monkey Gland Affair (1986)

David Hamilton

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Here's a book on a subject you don't hear about every day: the rejuvenation of male sexual powers by means of the implantation of monkey testicles.

No less a man than W. B. Yeats had the procedure performed, with excellent results -- or so he claimed.

What rough beast, indeed...

[Update, jan2006—
Also left out—but at the script stage—all references, forbidden by the censor, Joseph Breen, to "monkey glands"—as per scene where "Loophole, addressing the very old, shrivelled gentleman sitting with the young girl at the table, says, `Just mail them a dollar and they'll send you a monkey gland in a plain white envelope.' This will automatically delete the further pointing up of this business when Loophole uses dialogue that is not in the finished script. `If you mail them five dollars I think they'll send you the whole monkey.' But, as usual, it is difficult to figure out what on earth the censor is talking about." — Simon Louvish, Monkey Business (p. 320-1)