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For Good and Evil:
The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization

Charles Adams
"I can honestly say that in the course of fifteen years of professional research and writing about taxation, I would place Charles W. Adams' history at the absolute top of any reading list on the subject." -- Alvin Rabushka
"Most of us spend about 20 years of our lives working for the tax collector," wrote Charles Adams (not the guy who drew the Addams family cartoons) in an earlier work called Fight, Flight, Fraud, (of which For Good and for Evil is a largely a revised and expanded version).

Read this book!
Buy and read this book!

Let that thought sink in and oppress you -- because you are oppressed, even if you haven't thought about it lately ... though I'll bet you have been thinking about it, given that this is "tax season," and you have probably wasted many hours trying to fill out the idiotic forms demanded by the government. Wasted like the thousands and thousands of dollars they demand from you. Wasted like the twenty years they will steal from you over the course of your lifetime.

Think of it:

Twenty years of your life
Stolen from you
By force.

Today is April 17th, 2000 ... and if you are a typical citizen of the U.S., you have not yet finished working to pay off your taxes yet. You have not earned a single dollar for yourself this year. Not until well into May will the government allow you to earn a dollar you can keep for yourself and do with as YOU decide.

That's right: every year, you work all the way into May before you have finished paying the so-called "debt" the government arbitrarily declares that you "owe" it.

Is there a way out? Only one.

This is an election year. This is your chance to get back your freedom.


Well, forget the Democrats and Republicans. They won't give you back your freedom; they're the ones who stole it in the first place! Short of violent overthrow, there is only one way to regain your freedom: vote for the only party based upon principle -- the principle of human freedom. Vote Libertarian and start working for yourself for a change!

(Oops ... didn't say much about the book. Well, there's only one thing to say: buy it. And read it. Okay, two things.)