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The Bible in the Hands of Its Creators

by Moses Guibbory

Once upon a time I was browsing through The Encyclopedia of Associations and saw a listing for "The Society of the Bible in the Hands of Its Creators."

Naturally, I wrote immediately.

But it turned out I'd been looking at an old edition of the The Encyclopedia of Associations; my letter was soon returned as undeliverable. I was inconsolable. (Exaggerating for effect, here.)

Yet, not one week later, the Society's official book turned up in a local secondhand store. This is even stranger than you might think: apparently only about a thousand of these were printed, so you'd have a hard time finding it in your local secondhand store. But take heart: if it is there, it'll be almost impossible to miss it: it's HUGE (almost 2,000 pages). My copy is #574, signed by Moses himself (Moses Guibbory, that is; the book's not that old).

As to the content, that's anyone's guess. Apparently it's a precursor to that whole codes-in-the-Torah effort that's gained steam in the past few years (and was featured in last year's independent film Pi).

"The manuscript of this Book was completed in Jerusalem in April, 1934.... On May 15, 1934, the manuscript was brought from the Holy Land t the United States for publication. In the years 1935 and 1937 political and religious leaders throughout the world were informed of this Book..."


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