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After the museum, we went to Bookman's. I used to have a terrific paperback book called Home is the Desert (pub. 1964), but misfortune befell it, so I wanted to get another. Bookman's had a hardback, whose jacket had a photo of the author, Ann Woodin, whose husband was one of the early directors of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.
As soon as I saw the photo, I knew we had met Ann Woodin that very day, without even knowing it! She had been one of the docents, there to help celebrate the museum's anniversary. She had a table set up and was explaining pack rat nests. I was going to relate my unhappy pack rat experience, and if I'd read her name tag, I certainly would have!

Still, even if I met Ann Woodin unawares, I still met Ann Woodin.

I also picked up another desert book at Bookman's that happened to have a photo of Ann's husband Bill (on the right).